Milos Island


Milos is a Cycladic island of the Aegean of volcanic origin. Rumor has it that its name came from the ram which was one of the common symbols of the area and was named Malion. Thus, it evolved to Milos. Today, of course, it is worldwide known thanks to the statue of Aphrodite of Milos, and the impressive landscapes too. Milos is famous for its laced coasts, with over 75 small and bigger beaches, crystal and turquoise water, colorful chiseled rocks and white-gold sand. It is certain that it will amaze you!


Milos has many, different from one another, beautiful beaches. This is due to its volcanic nature, the strong winds and the waves of the Aegean which for thousands of years have been chiseling its distinguishing beauty. The beaches of Milos address all tastes, from the absolute organization to the perfect isolation and are spread towards all directions. Thus, you can find wind-free beaches to swim or beaches with wind to be involved with your favorite water sports, like wind surfing or kite surfing. The most famous beaches of Milos, and Cyclades as well, are the beach of Papikinou, Palaiochori, Provatas, Firiplaka, Tsigrado, Agia Kiriaki, Gerontas, Sarakiniko, Agios Konstantinos, Alogomandra, Papafrangas and many others


On Milos there are several destinations waiting for you to discover them and offer you special memories of your holiday. Among the best known sights of the island are the statue of Aphrodite of Milos, the Catacombs, Sarakiniko, Kleftiko, the Ancient Theater and the museums with their unique exhibits.
Moreover, it is worth seeing klima which is the most picturesque of all the traditional fishermen-villages of Milos, the castle in Plaka which is built on the hill of Profitis Ilias, the Alykes and many more traditional villages that will excite you with their beauty and their mediterranean cuisine.


Milos disposes of 5 museums which attract thousands of visitors from all over the world all year round.

The archaeological museum of Milos is situated in Plaka and includes in its collection characteristic samples of all the history of Milos.

The ecclesiastical museum can be found at a distance of a few meters from the center of Adamas

The folklife museum of Milos is situated in Plaka. It presents, through the order of the places of a house, the special features of everyday life on Milos over the period just after the revolution of 1821 until the mid-war years.

In the mining museum of Milos, the mining history of the island as well as its fossil wealth unfold themselves with an exquisite presentation.

The Naval Museum opened gates in September 2008 and is housed above Adamas port, in the building of the old Municipality of the island.


Milos has been announced as a sacred island by the Holy Synod thanks to its Old christian catacombs. Furthermore, it is one of the few islands in Greece that dispose of an Ecclesiastical Museum as well as more than 140 churches and chapels, at which traditional fairs are held all over the summer.


To get to know a place, you must first meet its gastronomy. This way, by tasting its flavors, you know its environment, its culture and its history.


The most representative samples of the cuisine of Milos are ‘pitarakia’ with a stuffing of spicy dry cheese or mizithra with spearmint, the original watermelon pie which is a traditional sweet pie of watermelon and of course the ‘sweet sugarplum’ which is made of the flesh of sweet pumpkin with almonds and honey.


In Milos, many small and bigger shops are waiting for you; shops with original hand-made jewellery of high aesthetics, silver or bronze, designer ones or not. Also, distinctive for their class and quality are the silk or cotton clothes, the purses, the scarves as well as the hats. For the house you can find beautiful artistic creations made of clay, sea-wood or glass, luminaires and souvenirs from Milos. Go for a walk and it is sure that something will suit your taste!


Milos will give you whatever can make your stay more comfortable and your holiday more pleasant. It combines rest and tranquility with exceptional nightlife and fun. Enjoy your favorite coffee, taste the special cocktail-drinks at the coffee-bars of the island, with light or louder music, but definitely with the wonderful view of Milos you will find the hangout of your summer holiday!


Along the port, Adamantas, but on many other beaches and villages too, many traditional taverns and discreet restaurants are situated, characterized by delicious menus, impeccable service and friendliness.