Distances from central points of Milos

  • Airport 3 kilometers
  • Port 2 kilometers
  • Klima 7 kilometers
  • Catacombs 6 kilometers
  • Church museum 2 kilometers
  • Milos conference center 1.5 kilometers
  • Milos Mining Museum 1 kilometer


Milos is an island which you can visit either by ship or plane. By air the connection Athens(El. Venizelos)-Milos is daily and the flight lasts 30 minutes. The airport of Milos is only 3 kilometers from ''Glarakia Studios''. By sea Milos is connected from the port of Adamas with Piraeus port on a daily basis in the summer months. The duration of the voyage varies depending on the type of ship you will travel by. On a speed boat it is 3-4 hours and on a conventional ship it will take about 8 hours. The sea and air fairs to Milos have different prices and many economic categories. The connection with the port of Kimolos is daily too, which is made by ferry from the port of Apollonia and lasts 30 minutes. All other islands of the Cyclades have connection with Milos too, as well as Crete from the port of Herakleion about 3-4 times a week.